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Официальный твиттер-аккаунт Высшей школы (факультета) телевидения МГУ имени М.В. Ломоносова

Irish movies as a mirror of society 17.05.2010

Irish movies as a mirror of society

From my point of view, all movies nowadays fall into one of the two categories. The first one is typical American "trash" blockbusters with a slight trace of an idea and hundreds of million dollars spent on production. The second category is obviously movies for festivals - art movies. I was lucky enough to attend the Irish film festival last weekend. However, frankly speaking, I wasn't ready for such cinema. I wasn\'t prepared enough- I\'m not keen on Irish culture or history, I’ve never been to Ireland, I know nothing about the people except the “River dance”, though I’m not even sure whether it’s Scotish or Irish… Oh no - it’s definitely Irish, as well as St.Patric’s day - we used to wear green that day to school. And, you know, I must have been prepared. The so-called “intellectual cinema” simply turned my mind upside down. The movies were really complicated. It was like using a magnifying glass when looking at a small defect, but then the small defect turns into one big disease – a disease of the society, of the whole nation, and thinking globally - of the whole mankind. At first I was struck by the movie «Frankie» - the story of a teenage boy who wanted to become a father and prepared himself for that with the help of a doll. His monologues about the inability of grown-ups to be responsible for their children could undoubtedly be the monologues of every third child in the world. Then, from film to film, the wounds grew deeper and deeper and kept bleeding more and more. A man locked himself in a flat - the key wouldn’t turn - but nobody would rescue him until he paid for his rescue, and only then would they open the door. The two-edged sword… Then another fascinating animated movie «The Guy’s dog», which had an outstanding moral: if you are a dog and you want to be human, you can become one, but being a human doesn’t mean you are not a dog. As I watched those movies I couldn’t help but think about the crisis of our world, but I don’t mean the economic crisis - I rather mean the crisis of civilization. It’s not only the Irish who face these problems - it’s us, all those of us who are not brave enough to accept the truth and to try to make a change, any change, instead of just living with the idea that a sick society is better and easier to deal with than working, helping and sacrificing.

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